Hypebeast Economics

The Hypebeast: heavily branded from head to toe. The outfit might not even match, but as long as each individual piece is ultra high-end, it’s good to go

A hypebeast is a kid that collects clothing, shoes, and accessories for the sole purpose of impressing others.

Over the years this has included some bizarre trends from wearing mesh shorts over jeans, to branded towels under caps. Thanks to mumble rappers we now also have clout goggles trending in 2017. But given that these trends generally don’t involve Kmart clothes, being a hypebeast isn’t cheap. Nonetheless, let’s not get fixated on bashing 14 year-olds maxing out their parents’ credit card. After all, despite the stereotype, we can still safely assume that the majority of hypebeasts are twenty-somethings spending their own money. But what exactly is it that compels millennials to set up tents and camp outside a clothing store? Well, to illustrate this we may as well discuss the most iconic of hypebeast brands, Supreme. Have you ever happened to stumble upon a Supreme t-shirt on ebay and wondered why it costs $2200 for what is essentially a piece of white fabric? Sure, it may be manufactured in North America, absent of the sweat and tears of Chinese sweatshop workers. But there’s more to it than simply the cost of producing clothes in Toronto or Long Island.



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